Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Time: The George Eastman House

As of Friday, Hye-Sung's internship at the ThinkTank ended.  The next phase of her internship was to begin the very next week at the George Eastman House in Rochester, New York.  Here she is, pictured in the Eastman House's garden, ducking out of the rain.

Every time I've been to Rochester (this trip marked my second visit) it has rained.  And I've been caught in it.  Wearing this very same coat.  And have sought shelter both times under this trellis on the grounds of the Eastman House.

Like a bumblebee, Hye-Sung is attracted to the flowers.  She kept going, "So much green!  I cannot believe!  No!  I cannot believe!  It is real!"

While in Rochester, Hye-Sung and I ended up hanging out with Saori, a mutual friend.  Saori was in town for only a day, driving to Rochester from Buffalo to visit the conservation labs and galleries at the Eastman House.  (She was in Buffalo for a grad school interview- go Saori!)

The only permanent exhibit at the Eastman House is the gallery of historic cameras.  It is also the only space in which you can sneakily take your own photographs.  The guards are very sharp-eyed.

While it was not raining, it was actually nice and spring-like.  The grounds are pleasant (though quite small when compared to Winterthur).

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Mum said...

It looks much more Spring-like at the Eastman House than it does here. I agree with Hye-Sung it is so green! and very lovely!