Monday, January 11, 2010

Annual Christmas Photo Nightmare

Every Christmas Eve before heading to the 10:30 Midnight Mass, the Timmy takes a photograph of the Little Brother/Mum/me. He always does a terrible job, attempting to fit us tightly from head to toe in the frame. Which makes it impossible to frame without hiding most of somebody's head.

Last year, with extensive coaching, he managed not to suck at it, so I was optimistic. Too bad though, because he had forgotten everything. He took one picture and announced that it was "a good one." But Mum's eyes were closed and half of my head was missing. Good job Timmy! I zoomed the camera in so that he couldn't back up far enough to get our toes in the photo - happily, he doesn't know how the zoom works, so I could use that to my advantage.

This was the best one. To which Mum gave the file name 'Ohh noo'.

Happy Belated Holidays.