Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Big Apple, and Llamas!


Somewhere along the Highway 401, about an hour east of Toronto, is the Big Apple.  We had noticed the Big Apple on the way to Toronto, but on the way back, since I was driving, I decided that we were stopping.  Observe below: the Apple is peeking out from behind the pie-factory and apple-kitsch-store.  Also, deer, bears, and moose cross the road here.

More precise directions to the Big Apple?  Try 'center of the world'.  Clearly.

So what can you do at the Big Apple?  You can climb up to the top of the Apple, but unfortunately the Apple was closed when we visited.

You can get pennies smushed and stamped with the Big Apple logo.  The Francophones (excepting Fabian, of course) found this fascinating.

You can purchase Moses in puppet-form.  

You can get apple pie.  Magnetic pieces and real pieces.

You can feed the llamas, of which there are two.

Hye-Sung enjoyed the llama-feeding but was somewhat freaked out by their large teeth.  I told Fabian that llamas don't like boys.  (True: Grandpa would get spit on by a llama every time we went to the Farmer's Inn.)

It was very James and the Giant Peach.  I wish the apple would have been open.

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Ynn said...

LLOVE THE LLAMAS AND THE APPLE. It made me think of the biggest ball of twine in Minnesota.