Monday, March 9, 2009

Nicolas Baier, alternately titled, Showing at a Toronto Near You! Beginning in February 2009!

Hye-Sung and I had been planning to go to MOCCA - the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, pronounced like the coffee drink - since December when we saw the works in the newest Nicolas Baier exhibit in temporary storage at the National Gallery of Canada (see Coming to A Toronto Near You!  In February 2009!).  Pictured above, please note that we're both rocking the proud V, happy to be seeing the exhibit installed in a gallery space.

This is kind of a strange show in that it is sponsored by the National Gallery of Canada but completely organized by a small museum someplace in Quebec.  The works came to the Gallery only for a few days in December in order for conservation to do their condition reports.

Marie and Soloman (photo from Marie).

If you'll recall, this glowing lightbox had been disassembled when last I saw it.

Two-inch-think sheets of aluminum.  There are four of these and they are really heavy.

Favorite piece, Vanitas, installed in the galleries at MOCCA.

This work is 'new' every time it is shown, as it is attached directly to, and therefore is flush with, the gallery wall.

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