Tuesday, March 17, 2009

And That Was Irish Too

I am terribly sad to have missed the Annual Singing of the Saint Patrick's Day Song, as I was out of range of the phone's ringing this evening.  Making... Irish soda bread!   So happy (bread), but so sad (song).

The Canada House is seriously lacking in kitchen tools: the only measuring devices in the house are 1/4 and 1/3 cup dry-ingredient measuring cups.  I do a great deal of approximation.  I didn't have a round baking pan/tool, so I put the dough into the Teflon-coated pie-plate that my roommates use for everything.  The pan worked out really well actually, though the bread does resemble a UFO. 

The bread was super-easy to make.  Despite the lack of fancy tools, all the people present in the house (Flatmate Andrea, Canada Steve, and Canada Steve's girlfriend Justine) agreed that the bread was good.  I offered some to the TunaEater, who mumbled something like, "Greasy greasy pizza," in response and then proceeded to sit on the couch and eat popsicles as he stared at the Simpsons.  Unsurprising.

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Ynn said...

Tank did try to call...twice. He wanted to make sure you heard the song. Colin and Gillian called him and (with the help of Daddy) sang to Grandpa who then sang back to then. Ah, the tradition lives!