Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The American Chemical Society Loves Me

So I was feeling down, and somehow the American Chemical Society (ACS) knew.  They sent me another 'thanks for being a member' present.

Dad is going to be so jealous.  Now I have a set of mugs.  Hydrogen and Helium! 

Note that the element is profiled on the opposite side of the mug.  The Helium mug is not personalized, but it says congratulations in extremely large letters, so I feel that that makes up for it.  And I'm especially delighted that the picture on the mug corresponds to the element.  I'm never leaving the ACS... I want a mug with Cobalt or Zinc profiled on it.


Anonymous said...

Hairball!! I have never gotten a mug from the ACS, after paying dues for over 25 years! Boy, they have some explanations to make, I should be to at least magnesium by now.

Ynn said...

How about plutonium, and uranium? They"re up there really high, I believe. Tank just told me that it might not be possible since the atomic number of plutonium is94 and uranium is 92. I wish to be optomistic. Tank also says that manganese. Magnesium is 12.

DPLK said...

It must be some kind of bribe to keep young people interested in joining professional gifts! Hmmm, the ACS sends me stuff sometimes, I might take a closer look next time I get one...

Baldy saw your post and turned to me and asked me if I belong to the ACS. I think he wants a mug too.

Michael said...

Colin and Gillian wanted to share with you what they had learned from one of their favorite songs:

The sun is a mass of incandescent gas; a gigantic nuclear furnace! Where Hydrogen is built into Helium at a temperature of millions of degrees!