Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spoils of Toronto

Though I did not purchase the John/Paul/George/Ringo as Christmas ornaments, I did get some spectacular items in Toronto.  The most interesting are briefly outlines below.

A cookie cutter in the shape of a hand.  They were selling this at the Big Apple.  Naturally.

This lovely, demure diamond.  Purchased at the ROM's special exhibit on diamonds.  We all  (excepting Fabian, again of course) purchased one of these babies.

Chinatown.  One dollar.  A bracelet made of the saints.  Photographed on my wrist against the lurid green satin background of the huge downy blanket I've been living under since late October.  

I love it, but it kind of makes me upset that I can't ID all of the saints.


Ynn said...

Surprisingly enough, sometimes I'm pretty good at obscure saints. Plus, I enjoy research so I have learned quite a bit about Some rather odd ones. Make sure the braceley comes home with you at Easter! I'd love to see it...and the ring is to die for!

Mum said...

Your descriptions of your new jewlery purchases did not do them justice. They are fabulous!