Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Toronto Miscellany

Rainy Toronto from the upper stories of the Art Gallery of Ontario.

The Fab Four.  As Christmas ornaments.  I'm kind of regretting not purchasing them.

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)!  Has dinosaurs!  And a traveling exhibit on diamonds!  Everything a girl could want.

In the ROM, Marie crouching in the turtle costume.  The ROM has a large collection of ceramics and stuff like that, but we spent our time in the galleries containing the natural history collection.  It was really fantastic, and would be especially fun for kids.

This store, Honest Ed's, takes up an entire city block and contains nearly everything imaginable.  We tooled about a portion of it, as it is a Toronto landmark.

Everything.  At a bargain.  Case in point.

The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO).  They have a large collection of works by the Group of Seven, a major group of Canadian artists (some pictured below).

This, Ruben's  The Massacre of the Innocents, circa 1611, is one of the most expensive paintings ever.  In 2002 the painting sold to a private collector for $76.2 million dollars: the collector then donated it to the AGO.

At the AGO.  A few sculptures here, but most of it is just for chilling out, I suppose.


Mum said...

It looks like you had a good trip to Toronto. I like your crazy little video at the end. What's with the fake tires and the pathway of clothes. It looks like Joey's bedroom floor.

Jessica said...

That's contemporary art. Like I said before, contemporary art galleries always have a pile of junk on the floor that is a sculpture, stuff making noises at you, and large sculptures made out of found pieces of crap.

So really, Joey's room could be a contemporary art installation.

A.H. Buchbinder said...

I'm totally digging this series on your blog. I really want to visit Toronto now. It sounds so great.