Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jell-O Museum

The city of LeRoy, New York, located about 30 minutes to the southwest of Rochester, is the birthplace of Jell-O!  And there is a Jell-O Museum!

Hye-Sung is so excited(!!!) to visit the Jell-O Museum.  Which is quite understandable.

Strawberry is the most popular flavor of Jell-O.

Per capita, the US city with the greatest Jell-O consumption is San Francisco.

There is a Bill Cosby shrine.  Not pictured is the tv in the corner playing a constant loop of Jell-O commercials; a mixture of Cosby commercials and more vintage black-and-white commercials.

The rare North American coffee-flavored Jell-O.  This was sold in the 1930s and was soon discontinued due to its unpopularity.  However, coffee Jell-O is still sold and consumed in massive quantities in Japan.  Or so the Jell-O Museum docent informed us.

There was an admirable collection of molds.  Several of them were in the shape of sea-creatures, such as a lobster and a wide variety of fish.

This bovine monstrosity was in the basement, oddly situated with the exhibit of late 19th-century carriages, right next to the 1912 Cadillac Horseless Carriage.  (The Horseless Carriage, by the way, was absolutely terrifying in appearance.  I can completely sympathize with the frightened people of yesteryear.)


Mum said...

Your visit to the Jello Museum reminds me of the summer you volunteered at the Brockway Historical Museum and stumbled across the Jello recipe book from the 1930's. You thought it was awesome then too!

DPLK said...

Where's that link to that online book about 1950s JELL-O recipe atrocities and the dry humor commentary to top it off???

That needs to come out of your bookmarks right now.

Mary Ann said...

I never knew that a Jello-O Museum existed, but now I do. There is always room for jello.

Ynn said...

I wanted to buy you a Jell-o cookbook at Christmas as a joke to remind you of your summer at the Brockway Historical Society, but your Mom wouldn't let me. Now, I really wish I had. And Easter is coming! Your Mom will be making her delicious (truly) Jell-o salad.

Ynn said...

The cow made me think of the My Little Pony link I sent you. check your email from UDel if you haven't seen it.