Monday, April 27, 2009

A Real Haircut, But No Job

Today the Tuna Eater got a haircut.  He had previously look as though his hair had not been trimmed since he left the Arctic - it was very shaggy and pretty much disgusting in appearance.  I figured he wouldn't get it cut until he went back to the Arctic (he's leaving at the end of the week - his 'academic year' is over - no more hot dog sandwiches).

So just image how surprised everyone was when he waltzed in with short hair today.  Also, keep in mind that Ottawa has been experiencing a heat wave.  

Upon questioning, the Tuna Eater revealed that he was downtown doing whatever he does.  Probably skateboarding.  Then in his words, "It was freaking hot.  Rideau [shopping center].  Twenty bucks."  He pretty much got a haircut on a complete whim because his hair was long and the day was so warm that he was overheating.

And just because they make me laugh:

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Ynn said...

All the little boys at school are getting their summer buzz cuts. They look so naked and bald! Nothing like a bit of heat to make one rethink style statements.