Friday, April 17, 2009

Wedding Prelude

Among the many glorious things I did in Pennsylvania, one notable event was the Mercedes Bridal Shower.  Only two of the three bridesmaids could attend, and since my little computer can't handle full-out PhotoShop, three remain in this photograph.  But look how nicely we coordinated our clothing!

Mercedes unwraps, Beth makes notations, I craft the gift-bow bouquet.  

Shameless self-promotion: if you are getting married and need a gift-bow bouquet fashioned during your wedding shower, I am an expert.

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Mum said...

It was a weekend of "big fun!" Boy, am I missing everyone and all that fun. Your Dad is off in AZ and I am home writing IEPs all weekend. No fun for me... maybe I used up all my fun for awhile. It's nice to look at the pictures and remember.