Thursday, April 16, 2009

Truth, Justice, and TWINS!!!

I got to see Colin & Gillie-Bean (the babies formerly known as Alpha & Omega) when I was back in Pennsylvania!  And I also got to see D-Bird waving his arms around like an actual bird, entertaining Colin.  Observe the tranquil smile on Mercedes' face: she sees the arm-waving and accepts it.

I told Mum that if she had one of the babies I was allowed to steal said baby from her, as I so rarely get to see them.  Here I have stolen Colin from David, who is now pictured assisting Colin in eating some interconnected plastic rings.

Before my thieving ways parted them.

Mercedes, Gillie, and I are reading, while librarian-grandma looks on approvingly.

Tired Beans.


Ynn said...

I wondered if twins would make your blog! I love the tired Beans picture. You are both so adorable. We all miss you even more!

Mercedes said...

Don't you just wish you had a little bean to hold all the time!!!