Sunday, May 3, 2009


So De Baking Psychopath posted her latest baking experiment, the Strawberry Cream Cheese Bun.  I was like, "Looks good!  I'm going to try!"

In my local grocery store, the unappealingly named Loblaws (as opposed to the other grocery, the equally horrendously titled Loeb), I stood in the aisle, pondering the various jams and jellies.  I finally opted for black current jam.  Here they are, post jam-swirling and pre-baking.

Whoa!  They totally tripled in size!  Clearly after baking!


DPLK said...

Whoa indeed! I *love* your little brioche pans, they're so cute! Yah, mine did poof somewhat too (if you look at picture 1 to picture 2) but yours look like they fair well exploded in joy and deliciousness! I did have some difficulty getting the jam to swirl in properly too--I think next time what should be done is to scoop out the prescribed amount of jam/preserves and mix rigorously with a spoon in a bowl to loosen up the fruit/pectin before dolloping on the batter. It should make for easier swirling. I'm so glad you had a chopstick to swirl with!

Mmm, black currant jam sounds like a winning combination. I love your "woe is me" tag on this post too.

Michael said...

In lieu of swirling - I think we could also pipette the batter in a concentric swirl at the bottom, spoon in a blob of jam/preserve (right in the middle), and then pipette to cover and finish.

I think it would be a pleasant surprise for any unsuspecting eater of these delicate muffin-like creations.

DPLK said...

Oh, btw, how come I'm not tagged on this post?! (j/k)

And Michael wanted me to inform you about our already-decided next swirl in flavor: NUTELLA.

Mua hahaha....

Ynn said...

They make me think of your Mom's cuppycakes-mushrooms or volcanoes! The tradition continues. And, like the cuppycakes, I'll bet they are delicious!