Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Art Show Jury

It's the time of year when Michael and I decide which art works we are going to enter into the hometown July 4th Art Show.  Big monetary prizes.  Like $30 for a blue ribbon.  

Ideally my entries would really shake up the local art scene (mainly watercolors of firetrucks, photographs of deer, that sort of thing).  However, Michael and I are always battling for the number one prize.  His entries are going to be impossible to beat: babies, pregnant Lea on July 4th - they'll eat it up.  I need to at least hold my own.

So... flip on back through the blog and decide which photographs you think are the most awesome.  Then give me a nice, short but solid description in the comments and maybe a why you like it.  Tell your friends to help me out too.  The more the merrier.    

In other news:
Is this not the most terrifying incarnation of Winnie-the-Pooh ever?

This nightmare was brought to you by the Brockway Old Fashioned Fourth of July Celebration, 2008.  You're welcome.


Ynn said...

Gee, glad I was en route to Amsterdam on the 4th last year. i missed that!

Mum said...

I have looked through your blog and picked a few of my favorites. Unfortunately, I am unable to go back to your posts from the summer so I don't have any from that time. Some I think should be considered are, in so particular order: 1. close up of yellow tulip with red stripe 2. house from old Quebec with yellow door, shutters & porch box 3. sheep on the hill side at Winterthur 4. View through the Scholars Window 5. Rideau Canal in Spring with the water on the left, a walkway, & cement wall 6. view from the top down-Escalier CasseCou

Michael said...

I vote for the first picture from this post. It has several distinct layers: the buildings in the immediate foreground, the red brick building in the mid ground, and 2 planes for the building on the hill.

Mary Ann said...

Well I went way back to your time in Amsterdam and picked a few of my favorites.
1. Amsterdam Evenings (2nd photo posted) Aug. 11, 2008. I chose this one because there was a lot of reflection of the lights and buildings in the water and it was well-composed. It is just real "old world" and I like it.
2. Church of St. Elizabeth - Blue Church (posted June 15, 2008.
I love the blue colors of the church against the blue sky. You have a very interesting camera angle on this one.

I also like the pictures that your mother described.

Good luck!

Lea said...

I second Michael's choice, and also the sheep at Pemberly, oops, I mean Winterthur. I also like the pink tulips with the river in the background.

Best of luck. You'll need it. Mwahahahahah.

Ynn said...

I am going to agree with Michael's choice, and Mary Ann's choice of Amsterdam Evening #2 post. I also
like the posts of the canals after dark in your Fourth of July post. The sheep at Winterthur has some appeal for the agricultural demogaphic of Brockway, but I like the windo picture from the Winterthur section.