Saturday, May 23, 2009

Welland Canal

The Saint Catharines Museum, as mentioned previously, is situated along Lock 3 of the Welland Canal.

Everyone needed a way to get their ships through the Great Lakes, and the Welland Canal solves the problem of traveling between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie without having to go over Niagara Falls.  Which is something, as you may imagine, that provides a slight barrier to a variety of ships.  Or barrels.  Whichever.

Another difficulty of taking a ship or whatever from Lake Ontario to Lake Erie or vice-versa is the change in elevation that is required: Lake Erie (and the rest of the Great Lakes) being at a much higher elevation.  Hence the necessity for multiple locks.

There is an observation platform constructed specifically so that visitors can watch as ships pass through the lock.  Supervisor Greg specifically requested that we pause from workshopping so that he, Dorothy, and I could watch the lock in action.

We also had to watch one of the big up-and-down bridges go up-and-down.  Supervisor Greg was like a little boy.  Up-and-down bridge!  So exciting!

We had a good laugh at this warning sign.

"Proud V."  I'm not the only one who picked that up from Hye-Sung.

I'm supposed to send this one home to my mum.

At the time this photo was taken, these were being seriously considered as a purchase.  Moosenoculars.

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Ynn said...

Supervisor greg has a sense of humor. And Love the Moosenoculars! I could have fun with those at school!And wouldn't the engineers in the family have a ball watching that lock, not to mention the up-and-down bridge!