Tuesday, June 24, 2008

't Klompenhuisje

Klompen is the Dutch word for clogs.  Ergo the 't Klompenhuisje is the Klompen Store, or as I prefer, the House of Klompen.  I really enjoy saying the word 'klompen' and had already associated it, in my mind, with clogs, because it seems like an onomatoploeia.  

Louise and I did a little window shopping at t'Klompenhuisje.  As you may have expected, there was a wide selection of klompens, but also some more modern synthetic shoes.

Look!  A whole rack of paint-your-own klompens!  (They're actually usually not painted.  People still wear them doing farm work and gardening and stuff like that.)

We tried on some klompen at the Bloemenmarkt.  Because klompens are good to wear out in the garden, growing your tulips.  These are Louise's feet.

I'm sure the sound made by a pair of klompens is fantastic, but they have little arch support and (oddly enough) aren't very flexible.  Also, if like me, you are afflicted with rather high arches, it can make finding a pair of ready-made klompens difficult.  The klompen I'm wearing in this picture are a few sizes too big for me, because I couldn't fit my tall (but short) feet in the klompen of the appropriate size.  You can actually see the spaces between my feet and the side of the klompen.  You can't really force your high-arched feet into too-short klompens; not unless you don't mind fracturing a few foot-bones.  I guess if I wanted a pair of klompen I'd have to get some custom-made.

Woe is me.

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Ynn said...

Frank asked me last night if I had read your blog and I hadn't yet-I'm suffering from a terrible spider bite that I'm desperately trying to get cured by July 4-so he asked me if I knew waht a 't Klompenhuisje was. I told him "shoe store?" Guess I wasn't far from wrong. Do they have teeny-tiny ones? Maybe we could get a pair for Alpha and Omega. I am really enjoying your blog. It's making me anxious to get there. I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to forward the link to Linda Morelli-our school aide-who has visited Italy and Sweden many times, but truly pines to visit Ansterdam. Love you.-Ynn