Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Amsterdam Apartment

The Amsterdam apartment is really great: exactly what you'd hope to find in an Amsterdam apartment.  The neighborhood is one of the nicest, 'hippest' - if you will - neighborhoods in the city.  My building was built sometime around 1652.  

Though not on a canal, it is a building with a large inner courtyard: our windows overlook the courtyard.

The entrance to the inner courtyard.

Either side of the courtyard, as soon as you enter.

Front door.

Lots of long, narrow, stairs.  The view from one of the lower floors.

Living room.

My 'room' is a loft perched above the living room/kitchen/dining room.  This is the view down all of the stairs from my nest.

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Anonymous said...

Mary Ann again...your apartment and surrounding area looks so beautiful. The Today Show featured Amsterdam a couple of months ago and it seemed so fascinating to me and now you are there! Enjoy it all. The Atelier where you work seems very pleasant.
Kelly has also been reading and enjoying your blog. I hope she finds time to post a comment. She is taking O-chem and lab everyday and will soon be working full time for computer support on campus. She is happy and busy there. Have a great weekend visiting your friend.