Thursday, June 26, 2008

This One is For You, Liang!

I took some time to find the most outrageous-looking store that sells all sorts of illegal-in-the-United States products.  I almost took a picture of the Bob Marley-themed shop, but all the high and dirty potheads outside made me nervous.  Perhaps, like the Amish, they too are reluctant to be photographed.

I've been saving this photograph for a few days, waiting for the optimum moment to share.  I tried Michael's bicycle dismounting advice today, and wonder-of-wonders it worked!  So this pot shop photograph is my thanks to both of you, Liang and Michael.  If I sight some more bizarre shops, I'll be sure to let you know!

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Liang said...

OH BOY, thanks Jess!

I did not realize that "hemp" was a general term for the whole family of plants! Wikipedia says so too:

It almost looks very flower-shop-ish, or arts and crafts store-ish. Totally benign. Michael says apparently there is a store here near a place he goes bowling with classmates sometimes that sells "kits" and supplies to start your own ..."garden" of sorts, so I guess in the end one does not have to go to Amsterdam to find hemp in a store!

BTW, clarfication, a flourishing conservation career is totally compatible with a literary career as well; didn't mean to make the suggestion exclusionary, haha. I just talked to Dara and realized that she did not know about the blog; I sent it to her so you will probably hear some Big Spicy hollas soon.