Sunday, June 8, 2008

Goodbye Delaware, Hello Amsterdam

Fully intending to begin this blog before the end of the semester (so that all who read could enjoy the happy moments of conservation grad school), I was stymied by school itself.

So, for my first post, some happy memories of the past semester, pictured below:

After the ANAGPIC student conference in NYC - me, Sharon, and Lisa.

At the Philly airport, getting ready to leave for AIC in Denver.
Kate and electrical components.

Meghan and Lauren also waiting in the airport.

Lisa waited at the airport too, but fiercely.

Posted on the general bulletin board at AIC.
WANTED: will swap paper conservation for a kilt.  Yes!

Winterthur is lovely.  Too bad the WUDPAC students rarely get to go outside.

Heading to Chicago with the long-haired verson of Mark!  

Late night dinner.  Note the time on the clock (9:57) as I desperately cooked some gyoza.

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