Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bratislava, Slovakia: Part 4

Barbara and I visited the Bratislava City Gallery.  

The gallery is a combination of the city archives, the city's collection of paintings/sculpture, and a gallery where local artists can exhibit.  It is actually quite large: a basement up to a fourth floor.  The basement and uppermost floor are where the rotating exhibits are located.  Barbara and I are pictured investigating one of the more contemporary installation pieces in the City Gallery.

We also went to visit the Central European House of Photography.  Again, a large and wonderful space: three floors of galleries and a fourth floor where workshops, lectures, and demonstrations are held.

But all too soon I had to head back to Vienna to catch my crazy series of airplanes, trains, and buses to make it back to Amsterdam.  Barbara's mom packed two sandwiches, a banana, a candy bar, and a granola bar for the trip.  (The sandwiches, which she had made for us the day before, were buttered bread, ham, cheese, and peppers.  Actually quite good.)  Barbara made me spend the rest of my Sk at the bus stop, buying candy bars and Fanta.  Her reasoning: you can't use them anywhere else in the world.  Too true.  

To Barbara, Barbara's mom, and to the Slovak Republic, thanks for a great trip.

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