Monday, June 9, 2008

Getting to Amsterdam

Getting to Amsterdam seemed simple enough: drive from Brockway to Pittsburgh, fly from the 'Burgh to Newark NJ, and from thence to Amsterdam.  But in actuality, it was a nightmare.

Apparently the weather in Newark was also a nightmare, because our flight out of Pittsburgh was delayed by more than two hours.  We drove the plane out to the end of the runway, then turned around and drove back to the gate, then got off the plane and hung out in the terminal, then finally got back on and got on our way.  We had so much time to "relax" in the terminal that I researched and made flight reservations to go see conservator/friend Barbara in Bratislava, Slovakia.  Due to the delay, I missed my connection in New Jersey, but was booked on the later flight.  

During this, I am worrying about meeting up with Louise in the Amsterdam airport.  I needn't have stressed though, as her flight from JFK was delayed something like 5 hours.  Anyway, we successfully met up and made our way into Amsterdam together.

In the Amsterdam airport: tired, dirty, and feeling put-upon.

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