Saturday, June 21, 2008

Market Market Market

Today was a day of markets.  Mainly because Louise and I were on a quest for the Fresh Made Stroopwafel - which you can apparently only get in this one market on Saturdays.  Needless to say, the quest was successful and we happily munched on our stroopy, wafely holy grails and we meandered through the rest of the market.

Louise had been introduced to another Dutch foodstuff through her coworkers - french fries with mayonnaise.  Apparently this is consumed in the states, as it was not foreign to her.  But as a Pennsylvania girl, if I get an odd topping on my fries, it's gonna be cheese or gravy, or both actually.  Mayonnaise is for sandwiches.

But since I AMSTERDAM, I got some.  These are our mayonnaise fries.  
They look completely disgusting, don't they? 

But the cherries look good!

We also went to the flower market, or Bloemenmarkt.  Tulip bulbs and fresh flowers and all sorts of flower paraphernalia are sold along the street and in floating barges tethered to the side of the canals.  Fabulous.  Technically, I don't think one is permitted to take photographs in the Bloemenmarkt.  Whoops!


mamamia4859 said...

...mayonnaise fries, I agree with you, they do look completely disgusting! Why would you do that? Anyway, the flowers are beautiful, the put our greenhouses to shame.

Mercedes said...

eww, mayo on fries!! sounds like a heart attack to me. love love love the flowers :)