Saturday, July 5, 2008

Visit from Family!

Today was so exciting because Ynn and Tank were arriving in Amsterdam, this very morning!  They arrived earlier than anticipated and had to wait to check into their hotel.  So, I met them outside their hotel and took them to the Albert Cuypmarkt and the Bloemenmarkt until they could move into their room.

Tank took a great many photos of Ynn and me standing in front of various landmarks and whatnot.  And in case you were curious, the process with the digital cameratakes just as long as it did with the old focus-it-yourself Nikon.  Ynn declined being photographed today because she said she was too tired, so this post has really turned into a sort of "Frank Goes to Amsterdam!" sort of thing.

In the afternoon they stopped by the Amsterdam Apartment to admire its awesomeness.  Sights seen and treats tasted included the Pancake Bakery, the Wynand Fockink, the Dam Square, the Red Light District, the Jordaan, fries with mayonnaise, fresh stroopwafels, and broodje haring.  And klompen.

Tank was really checking out the klompen: he wanted to find a pair that would fit him.  Size 48 was the biggest he could find, but it turns out that size 47 fit better than the 48.   (FYI, my shoe size translated to klompen is like 25 or something).

Just like Cinderella.

Surrounded by glowing floating klompen, A Veritable Klompen Paradise, so excited to find a pair that fit!

At a restaurant, getting the fries with mayonnaise, Tank took the opportunity to sample some beers.  Observe below, sadness upon reaching the end of the glass.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you are all having a great time. Although, I think beer plus jet lag makes Tank tired. We are happy to hear that Ynn and Tank make it safely abroad. Jess, you are in charge of Tank if he causes an international incident while he's there. Tell them all is well here and we are safely back at home.