Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ionic Air Gun - I Don't Believe in It

Today at work we were busy unframing, treating, and reframing Shitty Naked Human World.  It was really exhausting because the photos are so big and because the last one of the day was a huge pain.  It would not allow the frame to close properly - the photograph kept jumping out of line and risking itself being crushed.  Not good.  That is the opposite of conservation.

One tool that Clara uses all the time, to get dust off the Plexiglas, is an ionizing air gun.  It's hooked up to a compressor.  What I've been told is that the air gun shoots ions at the Plexiglas, which dissipates the charge on the surface, effectively removing the dust from the surface.  This sounds like crazy talk to me, I think the ionizing air gun is just acting as an ordinary air gun and blowing the dust off the surface.  The only ionizing sources I'm familiar with are in mass-specs, and they definitely wouldn't be friendly to the surface of a piece of Plexiglas.

Can some science/engineering types (here's looking at you Timmy and Uhls) enlighten me?  Is my bogus-science-ometer on track, or does it need a recalibration?  The Timmy has really made me wary of pseudo-science trash, as one summer I got paid to read and edit papers dissing waste water treatment science-hoaxes.

Here is your reward, in advance.  This poster was glued to the ceiling of the brewery-windmill.  He is Dutch, he is happy, and it is all because of the beer.

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