Tuesday, July 15, 2008

An American in Paris: Part 3

Paris is divided into 20 districts, or arrondissements, which spiral out clockwise from the city's center.  The Louvre is in the 1st arrondissement and the Tour Eiffel in the 7th, so it may have seemed as though I had a long way to walk from one to the other, but in actuality all I really had to do was walk through the Jardin des Tuileries, cross the Place de la Concorde, cross the Champs-Elysees and the Seine, and walk down another street.  I did take a slight detour to visit the Jeu de Paume to check out the big Richard Avedon exhibition.  It was good, and I'm glad I went, but it was odd to be in Paris and at a retrospective of a major American artist.

Heading into the Tuileries, looking back at the Louvre.  Apparently French gardens have long, wide avenues paved with tiny crushed white stone.  This is great for parading about in large gowns and powdered wigs, but very awkward when you have to stop and shake the little stones out of your shoes every ten minutes.

Arc de Triomphe, peaking out from behind some large shrubberies.  Large sections of the Place de la Concorde were off-limits to the public, as everyone was preparing for the Bastille Day celebrations.

Crossing the Seine.  This may or may not be the Pont de Alexander?  I can't remember exactly.

Lovely day!

Eiffel Tower!

It was too big to fit into my camera's frame.

This shot almost looks like I put myself in with Photoshop.  But no!  It is real!

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Anonymous said...

Your photographs of Paris are absolutely beautiful. I have my passport and I think I am going to be using it soon!