Thursday, July 17, 2008

Darth Vader Probably Doesn't Get Colds

Turns out that I have a head cold.  I went to the pharmacy on Monday to get a Dutch equivalent of Advil Cold & Sinus.  It went something like this...

Pharmacist:  Here is this!  It is like Advil! (hands me a bright shiny copper-colored box, all words in Dutch)

Me:  What does this do?

Pharmacist:  It is a pain killer!

Me:  Is this for colds?  Is this for runny noses or stuffy noses?

Pharmacist:  No.  We use the nose spray for colds.

Me:  No nose sprays.  Pills for colds? (if I can't breath because I have a cold, how will a nose spray be effective?  besides, I just don't do nose sprays)

Pharmacist:  We don't sell those in the Netherlands.  You can only get those in Great Britain and America.

Me:  Oh.  Then I don't want any thing.

Seriously, you can't buy cold medicine in Holland?  What am I going to do with it, make drugs from it?  I'm in Amsterdam, for heaven's sake.  If I want I can walk down to a store and buy hard drugs over the counter, I don't need to synthesize them from cold pills.  So my cold is unmedicated.  And me and my head (which feels like it is in a tin can) just want to nap all the time.  

So I'm sorry, nothing really exciting or earth-shattering to share today.
A few weeks ago I saw Darth Vader hanging out in the Dam Square.  He was all alone, either waiting for his friends or having been just stood up by his date.  Probably the later.  He was also shorter than I thought he would be - he's probably not Dutch.

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mamamia4859 said...

Sorry to hear that you have a cold. That is pretty ironic that you can't buy cold medicine in Holland. Doesn't make sense. Do hope that you get to feeling well soon. Do they have chicken soup over there?