Friday, July 18, 2008

Today was Generally Not My Day

The cold is still hanging on, with no medication in sight.

And, this afternoon, at home, I cut my finger really badly.  Really.  It was awful.  We don't have any band-aids in the house, and I rummaged through the cabinets to see in Landlord Steef had left some but to no avail.  Then I stood there, bleeding finger, thinking, "All the stores where they might sell band-aids are closed.  Why do stores in Holland close at 6:00 pm?  How does any one get any thing done?  You can't just stand here until the stores open tomorrow."  Then it dawned on me: you have neighbors!

So I got some shoes on and ran outside, the neighbors quickly understood that I needed a 'plaster' for a cut.  The friendly lady went inside and brought out a band-aid and put it on my finger.  The whole time she said, "No looking, no looking..." and I was replying, "Not looking, not looking..." and keeping my eyes closed.  She gave me an extra band-aid and then looked at me and said, "You are looking very white, like all the blood is gone!"  And she was right - wobbly knees and pale sweaty-faced, I thanked her and went back inside to lay down, before I fell down.

This has cast a huge pall on the rest of the summer: it better heal lightening-fast.  I know it sounds dramatic and ludicrous, but I'm working on a paper photograph worth more than a million dollars, and you can't bleed on that!
This, coupled with the cold, has got me in a little funk.  Bummer.


mamamia4859 said...

Oh, I feel so bad for you. That really is a bummer. Your cold was enough. You need some neosporin and that will help your cut heal faster. Do they have that in Holland? I hope the stores are open on Saturday. Well the weekend is here and hopefully you can rest. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Two words to save the photograph, Jess:

Wear gloves.

...or does that sacrifice too much dexterity? But at least blood should not penetrate...

Gross out story: when I was working in the hospital last month, my interns had very good advice to prevent contamination due to glove breakage (they were referring to digital rectal exams)--double glove!
Yeah, double ew.

Also, to clear general stuffiness--my home remedy has always been to either put a bunch of menthol under the nose, and/or get a washcloth and run it under as hot water as can be tolerated, wring it, then throw it on your face and breathe in the hot vapor. Only temporary, but enough to clear the sinuses to get a few now-efficacious nasal sprays in. (do reconsider trying them if that's the only over the counter thing...or else see how much it would cost you to go to a health clinic or something and get prescription meds...) On the same note, hot steamy showers/baths may help symptomatically...

Hope you feel better soon!!


Mum said...

Liang has good advice. Check your email I said something similar. I hope you get well soon!