Saturday, July 19, 2008


One is likely familiar with Delft through Delftware, the characteristic European-produced faux-Asian blue-and-white painted porcelain.  This is some high-end real-life Delftware, made by Royal Delftware.  The plate picture is about 6 inches in diameter and was like 88 euros.  Keep in mind, they are hand painted.  And they were breathtaking.

The really nice pieces were kept locked-up behind glass.

This is a group of cheaper Delftware hanging on the wall of one of the many ceramics-centered shops surrounding the city's squares.

Apparently Old Dutch Ice Skates are the ultimate in souvenirs from Delft, not Delftware.  I'd love to haul home a few sharp and dirty, and no doubt smelly old Dutch ice skates.  Eat your heart out Hans Brinker.

These tiles are typically Dutch and can be found in every kitchen of any respectable historic Dutch house.  They've been made since around the 16th century and are also considered as collectibles.  I'm pictured in front of a large group of historic tiles in a little antiques store in Delft.  As you can readily observe, I am somewhat bedraggled, as it was taken after the second surprise rainstorm.  I also bought a jacket this week, thinking, "It's not that cold, but seriously, you have a cold.  Get a coat, stupid!"

The tiles were really cool, especially the ones with figures on them.  Louise and I asked the owner if people came in looking for tiles with specific images on them.  He said yes, and then told us that sometimes people came in and just wanted to buy the most expensive ones.  Where is the fun in that?

I'm looking for another jump-roping conquistador...

Though I decided if I were to collect Delftware tiles, I'd want the ones with the mutant-looking sea-monsters on them.  Sometimes the sea-monsters are happy and looking at the viewer, and sometimes their backs are to the viewer and they are clubbing some unseen victim to death.  Spectacular!

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