Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Freakish Vase All of My Own

I find that I am quite charmed by the freakish multi-spouted tulip vases.  The smaller ones, not the larger pagoda-like ones.  Like this monstrosity, belonging to the Rijksmuseum, which dates to the late 17th century and could hold more than forty tulips.  Not charming.

So, while in Delft, I bought a small 7-spouted mutant vase.  It is white and blue, with little flowers and windmills and whatnot.  It is not Royal Delft, but the version made for graduate students with little money.  So it is Delftware, since I got it in Delft, right?

I bought some flowers at the flower market this afternoon for the vase.  (Original plans had been to go to the Kroller-Muller and bicycle around the National Park/Contemporary Sculpture Garden, but sporadic downpours nixed that).  

Here it is, sitting on the table, looking like a floral porcupine.

Close-up of the many spouts.  I'm pretty certain I wanted to make a teapot like this when I studied ceramics.  Little did I know that the Dutch had been making them for centuries: there are no new ideas.

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Anonymous said...

I love it! It's beautiful. Now, how are you getting that home?