Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In Which I Return Briefly to Canada. Again.

At the very end of January I found myself headed back to Ottawa, Canada.  Again.

Happily, during this venture into the Great White North I did not end up with a broken car and a trashed computer hard drive.  It certainly was snowy though: there was a little blizzard during the middle of the week.  In case you're wondering - nobody cared.  They just went about their regular business.

I and my grad school classmate and fellow photo conservator Lisa stayed with the old roomies at the International House of Pancakes.  Where I took the opportunity of photographing this 'Cake of Angels' that somebody was about to bake.  The French/English boxes never fail to amaze.
Lisa was pretty entranced by the Ketchup flavored potato chips.
In all actuality, Lisa and I were in Ottawa to attend our second Winter Meeting of the Photographic Materials Group (PMG)of the American Institute for Conservation (AIC).  Our first experience of the PMG Winter Meeting was two years ago, in Tucson, Arizona.

This time, no longer a student, Former Supervisor Greg and I gave a talk about the big treatment project I completed during my year in Canada, while I was working at the ThinkTank.

Because it was the big every-two-years photograph conservation conference, guess who else was in town, come all the way from Paris?



Lea said...

Hye-Sung!!! YAY!!!! Hope you gave her a hug from us!

Mary Ann said...

How nice that you were able to connect with your friends from Canada! Looking forward to hearing about your trip to Arizona. Felt so bad that were unable to visit.