Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hye-Sung Models What to Wear in the Canadian Winter

It has been ridiculously cold lately.  And promises to get even colder,  before it is all over.

(She's actually doing the V for victory sign, though you can't see it through her two pairs of gloves.)


Lea said...

Ok, she is the cutest thing ever. You are going to miss her!

Stay warm!

Mary Ann said...

Hye-Sung definitely has the right idea about winter apparel. It is getting colder here too and we are under another winter storm watch.

Joe said...

Hye-Sung reminds me of Ralph's little brother in A Christmas story when he's all dressed up for the walk to school.

Awesome Little taller brother

Ynn said...

Agree with Joe's observation. You'd need that outfit here today too. Winter storm that Mary Ann was watching, has arrived. At least it didn't interfere with our party last night! Missed you.

Ynn said...

Just remembered-piece on CBS Morning Show about a young art conservator named Meghan at MOMA who moonlights as a roller derby skater. Frank wondered if you knew her and what you were doing evenings. I don't think he approves of roller derby as a suitable occupation for OUR Dearest Girl.

Lea said...

Just FYI, Michael would TOTALLY approve of roller derby. He went to a roller derby match a while back. I abstained. Courteously.