Saturday, January 31, 2009

Last Day at the National Gallery of Canada!

The last day of January was my last day at the National Gallery of Canada.  It was also my last day of walking to/from work, in the snow and the wind, which is exactly what it was doing on this day.

It was a busy day - lots of ends of things to wrap up, two trips to return all the books I borrowed from the library, checking to be sure everything was on my flashdrive, packing all my stuff up, remembering to get my tea cup...  the usual last day of your internship stuff.

I have now begun work at a Canadian government conservation and conservation science think-tank.  It's cool.


Mary Ann said...

The picture of the National Gallery looks very impressive. I noted a bit of sadness in leaving, but your new assignment sounds equally as interesting and challenging. I look forward to hearing all about it.

Ynn said...

You will miss all the people you met there and became friends with, but , hey...a think tank! Sounds top secret and important and surely impressive.

Mum said...

It's all about the professional network you build and just think of all the good contacts that you made. It's best to leave them wishing you had stayed longer. On to your next adventure!