Friday, January 30, 2009

Snack Foods: America Rocks

Since Hye-Sung and I were driving to and from Phoenix/Tucson, I took the opportunity to introduce her to American snack foods.

On warm days, things like ice cream sandwiches are nice.  Hye-Sung agrees.

Hye-Sung's first ding-dong.  She kept asking me if I wanted a piece.  I kept saying no.  I'm not really into ding-dongs, per se, but I knew it was something she needed to experience.

Good-bye warm Arizona!

Oh, it's you.  Hello Canada. 

In the parking lot at the Ottawa airport.  There was frost on the inside of my windshield.  The long-handled ice scraper was not so effective.


Ynn said...

Welcome back to the land of ice and snow. It looks like you really enjoyed Arizona. We've seen your Dad twice since he got back and he is still bemoaning the fact that he returned to our 18 inches of snow and the threat of a "crippling" winter storm next week!

Mum said...

You should be an American Cultural Ambassador. What a good way to introduce foreigners to some of the best America has to offer. Show them awesome parts of the country, feed them classic American snack food, and do all this in the pleasant warmth of the sun after they have been kept in an icebox for a few months. Maybe President Obama could use you.