Friday, January 16, 2009

Obama-Mania and BeaverTails

BeaverTails are flat pastry versions of funnel-cake, not just for powdered sugar though.  Since it is flat, the BeaverTail becomes kind of like a crepe in that is a flat receiving area for sugary things such as Nutella, sugar/cinnamon, maple, fruit, etc.  They are really good, but it is so cold out I can't bring myself to stop at the BeaverTail stand long enough to buy one, photograph it, and then eat it.  When it gets warmer.

When I do finally get to the BeaverTail stand, I'm going to request an Obama-themed BeaverTail!  Can we get some applause for the O-tail?  Yes we can!

Pictured above is the creator of the BeaverTail, holding up an Obama-themed one.  It has a big Nutella 'O' on it (for Obama, naturally) and maple syrup.  I just now realized that he is wearing an apron with Obama's face on it.  According to the Canadian tv news networks, if you're lucky enough to be invited to the Canadian Embassy for the inauguration, you'll get a free Obama-BeaverTail, made by the creator from ingredients shipped in specially from Canada.

Meanwhile, I'm still awaiting my invitation from the US Embassy here, for the Fancy Dress Cocktail Party which they should be throwing for all the Americans in Ottawa.  (Hint- hurry up with that US Embassy!)


Mary Ann said...

Well, I learned about another regional food. Beaver Tails! They look tasty and what a fine tribute to Obama. I just heard that the Penn State Creamery has created a new flavor of ice cream for the Inauguration called "Baracky Road."Very clever, wouldn't you agree. Sure hope your invitation arrives soon, Jessica!

Lea said...

Beaver tails appear to be similar to what they serve at PA county fairs called Elephant Ears. Yummy anyway. I love that our northern neighbors are SO excited about our regime change as to inspire food. Beats Freedom Fries.

Ynn said...

But will they ever replace stroopwaffles?