Thursday, January 29, 2009

PMG Conference

It may appear from all of those photographs that I was only in Arizona to visit the cacti, which, though highly enjoyable, was not the purpose of my visit.  I was really there to attend the Winter Meeting of the Photographic Materials Group (PMG) of the American Institute for Conservation (AIC).  Every two years all of the photograph conservators get together and have a conference.  It is mainly attended by photograph conservators in North America, though a good portion of people come from Europe as well, depending on their funding.

Though I did not give a talk, I did participate, giving a Tip on my experiments inpainting brass mats.  I even had a hand-out.  It was the last thing on the last day, and since I always make droll comments during a lecture, everyone had a good time and learned something.  

My old supervisor from Harvard, Brenda, gave a awesome talk about vectographs, which are crazy 3-D photographs manufactured by Polaroid.  She also passed out these futuristic polarizing Polaroid glasses so that we could see the 3-D-ness of the slides she brought to share.  Whenever a new slide went up, everyone went, "Ooooo!!!"  We must have looked like lunatics.

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