Friday, January 16, 2009

Obama-Mania and Canadian Public Radio

There is just something about paper conservation and public radio.  They're buddy-buddy.  Back in the US we'd listen to NPR in the conservation lab.  Here, we listen to CBC Radio 2, Canada's version of NPR.  I love CBC Radio 2.  And right now, CBC Radio 2 loves Barack Obama.

They love him so much that they're putting together a playlist for him.  Behold!  Text from their very own website:

49 Songs from North of the 49th Parallel: Canadians choose 49 songs from North of the 49th parallel that define Canada to the new President.  Beginning Monday, January 5th, CBC Radio 2 invites Canadians to help select the top "49 songs from north of the 49th parallel" that would best define our country to the incoming U.S. President Barack Obama.

Canadians have been calling in all week and voicing support for various songs.  If I were Canadian I'd vote for If I Had $1,000,000 (Barenaked Ladies) and Wreak of the Edmund Fitzgerald (Gordon Lightfoot) because, to me, those songs are what Canada is all about.  As an American, I'd vote for American Woman (The Guess Who).  Lucky for Barack Obama, all three of these are on the top 100 list.  Hopefully the Canadians will select them!

The funniest thing was on the radio the other day.  The DJs talk about all the songs and give periodic updates on how many votes the various songs have.  Apparently the Gordon Lightfoot selections have been sweeping all of the other songs away!  The DJs announced to everyone listening, "Don't worry!  Gordon Lightfoot is in the top 49!  There is no way that we could make a playlist for Barack Obama and not have Gordon in it!  Gord is safe!"  I like the thought of Canadians getting all worked up and calling CBC Radio 2 to make sure that Gordon Lightfoot is on the Obama Playlist!!!   Because he is SO AWESOME!!!  Eh?!?

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Ynn said...

The Edmund Fitzgerald was, I believe, an American ship, but I'd suggest Gord's "Canadian Railroad Trilogy" and most definitely "Alberta Bound".I could also make a case for Stan Rogers "Northwest Passage" and acouple of Garnet Rogers things. I always knew that my fondness for obscure Canadian folk singers would come in handy in consversation. Oh, yes, must forget Ian Tyson.