Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Typical February Day in Canada

Day three in Canada: blizzard.  But nobody really cared, everything went on an usual.

Since the crew at the International House of Pancakes was letting us stay with them, I decided that it would be proper for me to take care of the snow-shoveling, while they were all at work/school.

After the show shoveling, Lisa and I headed to the Rideau Centre for some shopping-mall wandering and then to the Moulin de Provence for Obama Cookies and croissants.


Mary Ann said...

i enjoyed the Obama cookies. Brings back memories of "Moms go to Canada"! Looks like you had a most enjoyable time!

Michael said...

Do the Canadians handle winter precipitation better than urbanites in Pennsylvania?

Jessica said...

They do. Mostly because they don't freak out, but also because they are totally prepared for it. Shovels, boots, ice scrapers, etc. A really big snow will throw them off a little, but there was never a run on the supermarkets while I was there, where all the bread/eggs/milk were gone.