Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Arizona Renaissance Fair(e)

I'm so easily distracted by things, I forget about this.

So my first full day in Arizona, Mum and I went to the Renaissance Fair(e).  Neither of us had been to one before.  This one was extremely well-established, and was crawling with people in bizarre costumes.    
It was difficult to not talk about people - their costumes and whatnot - because they were all right there next to you.  And were the majority of the costumes dreadful?  Yes!  There was so much crushed panne, it was out of control, it was like I was back at some colorguard competition.  And if the costume could be 'slutified,' it was.  And only about 10% of the costumes were actually Renaissance-like.  There was a very fantastic Plague Doctor wandering around, but for every Plague Doctor there are four large women in strained corsets, a dozen goths, one hippie, and somebody in a cloak wielding a wood sword.  We saw two Southern Belles!  I wanted to give them some sort of demerit: Three Hundred Years Wrong.

There was a fun haberdashery.  This pose = Ship Captain.

Consumptive Poet.

Mum says Smile.

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Mum said...

Yes, the Renaissance Fair was eye opening. It was some of the best people watching ever.