Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ice Skating with Lisa and Saori

Lisa and I arrived early to Ottawa, a couple days before the conference, so that I would have time to meet with Supervisor Greg (so we could go over our talk together before we actually gave it for real).  That meant that there was plenty of time for ice skating.

On the Rideau Canal.

Lisa gets ready (her favorite color is red).

All skated-up and ready to go!

What do you eat while you ice skate?  Why Beavertails, of course!

After returning our skates (I had a spectacular Superman-style wipe-out ten yards from the skate return - hateful toe picks) we headed up to Parliament.


Two days later, another photo conservation friend - Saori - and I went skating.  The delightful Hye-Sung was invited, but she declined, saying that she wasn't "strong enough" at the moment.

Saori takes off from the skate rental!

Saori is currently a second year grad student at the Buffalo program, so you'd think she'd be used to the cold.  Perhaps, but a concerned friend lent her this gigantic coat!

Of course!  You can't skate on the canal and not eat one of these.  (Anyway, they're better when it's cold out.)

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