Thursday, March 10, 2011

Arizona Vacation

After spending a cold and snowy (but fun) week in Ottawa, I went to spend a week in the complete opposite.  This seems to be a theme: PMG and Arizona.

Mum and Dad are being snowbirds outside of Phoenix this year, so it seemed like a February journey to the southwest was a good idea.  Right outside their yard is a nice little nature preserve of some sort, excellent for hiking and climbing around on rocks.

Mum leads the way on the trail behind the house.
Mum was freaking out while I was climbing these rocks.  It didn't seem scary during the climbing up or down, so I maintain it was not a big deal.  Mum may say otherwise.

It had rained the morning of the day I arrived, and the day before as well, so all the lichens on the rocks were super-bright and all the cactuses were so full of water they seemed moments from popping.  This green is from some striking mosses and lichens.


Lea said...

What a contrast to Ottawa! Glad you got to visit your parents! I'm sure they enjoyed it!

Michael said...

What is that in the picture below the one with you on the giant rock? Alien vegetation?

Mary Ann said...

Enjoyed the photos of Arizona. The cacti don't look real to me!

Jessica said...

Michael - it's a dead and dried-out cactus. They have really interesting internal armatures that resemble the internal structures of coral. Desert plants are so weird, they could be from a different planet.