Tuesday, March 8, 2011

PMG Reception: Vodka Luge

Since Supervisor Greg was heavily involved in the PMG Winter Meeting planning, it meant that there would be all sorts of tasty things to eat, most likely in a lovely venue.

True!  The reception was in the newly remodeled wing of the Canadian Museum of Nature.
The table decorations were also glorious (Rachel's photos, not mine).
The highlight of the reception was the vodka luge, which was sponsored by two conservators in private practice.
Pictured: Amanda, Alisha, Lisa, Rachel, Hye-Sung, me.
That's trouble.  Supervisor Greg and friends lurk around the luge.
Most of the "young ones" - me, Hye-Sung, Lisa, the peeps who are still students or just out of school - skipped out of the very end of the reception, as Hye-Sung and I had set up a very important visit to our favorite Ottawa all-you-can-eat awesome sushi restaurant.  Priorities: we've got them.

So imagine our surprise upon arriving at the conference venue the next day, seeing the vodka luge sitting outside, on a sculpture/bench.  That implied that somebody took it home and then hauled it to the Library and Archives building early the next morning.  Which is a fabulous thought.  And that somebody: Supervisor Greg, Canadian National Treasure.