Saturday, October 11, 2008

Walking Tour 2: Centretown and the University of Ottawa

As tantalizingly alluded to earlier, last Saturday Hye-Sung and I took the guidebook and followed the route for 'Walking Tour 2: Centretown and the University of Ottawa'.  The highlight was definitely the Canadian Museum of Nature, and of course, as you know, the poutine.

The National War Memorial.  This was begun after World War I and, sadly, finished four months before World War II started.

I have no idea what this sculpture is about, except that it is terrifying.  Perhaps it is an Allegory of Canada: a large sleeping Arctic bear, soon to wake and consume all of the little fish surrounding it.

We wandered through a bunch of pleasant neighborhoods, walked along streets with little stores and kebob shops, dawdled in a large and friendly art supply shop.

The next stop: the Canadian Museum of Nature.  Really - the museums here have such grandiose names.  Whoever named them: good job!  The building that houses the museum is quite large and Victorian.  It is currently undergoing massive renovations (you can look through the windows and see the whole way through the building), but there are some open and revamped exhibits.

Follow the dinosaur tracks to find the exhibits.

The Canadian Museum of Nature is fun for all, but would be especially fun if you were a small child.  They also have a really awesome section devoted entirely to the birds of Canada.



There are some really fantastic dioramas at the Canadian Museum of Nature.  Hye-Sung and I decided to pose in front of them as though we were in the actual locations.  I think I told her, in this shot with the goats, to 'be a movie star, with goats'.

Being terrified of the moose.  Mum - this is for you.

Hye-Sung was wild about all of the fuzzy fluffy animals.  She also goes crazy every time she sees a squirrel or a chipmunk - she talks to them.  Apparently both little animals are quite rare in Paris: they are everywhere here.  Canada is Nature Central.

We stand in front of the infrared camera.  It was supposed to be teaching us something, but we don't know what, because we spent all of our efforts on photographing the screen.  I'm the one with the green specs.

Polar bears.  Thank goodness.  I would have been so disappointed if there were no polar bears.

This is Hye-Sung's favorite picture of me.  After she took it, she kept going through the saved photos, looking at it and giggling.

My favorite photo of Hye-Sung.

After the Canadian Museum of Nature, we went to the Elgin Street Diner for poutine (see Poutine).  Then the batteries in my camera died, so I'm sorry to say that there are no photographs of the lower portion of the Rideau Canal or the University of Ottawa


Lea said...

As much as a I fuss about going to "art" museums, I LOVE museums of nature. Except I don't like looking at too much taxidermy. My favorite exhibit at the Carnegie is the Egypt exhibit. Although, I hear the newly renovated dinosaurs are pretty cool. I am SURE I will be visiting them in the next few years.

Ynn said...

This looked like an excellent museum. I, too, like the picture of Hye-Sung kissing the triceratops or rhino or whatever the creature is. I enjoy a good museum as well and am looking forward to accompanying our little science geeks to be to see the dinosaurs.

Anonymous said...

Hye-Sung seems very nice and very good-natured judging by her photos.