Monday, October 6, 2008


This repulsive mess is a traditionally French-Canadian dish known as poutine.

Poutine is French fries covered in gravy and cheese curds.  Cheese curds.  

Hye-Sung and I went on my guidebook's 'Walking Tour Number 2: To Be Revealed Later' on Saturday.  The guidebook recommended stopping at the Elgin Street Diner for a classic (French) Canadian dish - the aforementioned poutine.  Everyone at the National Gallery has also been recommending poutine, talking about how great it is, how Canadian it is, how it is the best food to eat late at night.  Myself, I prefer toast.  But anyway, we definitely wanted to include a stop somewhere we could get some.

The Elusive Hye-Sung, waiting outside a massive and lethargic freight elevator at the Canadian Museum of Nature.  The museums in Canada has such fantastic names.

(Remember, Hye-Sung is South Korean, studying conservation in Paris).

Hye-Sung and I agreed that the poutine was good but that we should have split a plate, we each got such a massive amount that we each only managed to eat half of our plates.  We told the waiters that we'd never had poutine before and were greeted with a loud, "Really?!?!   Where are you from???"  And upon our answers the responses were, "And there's not poutine in France?  It's totally French.  And it's not in the US?  Wow."

Two poutines.  Hye-Sung's elbow in the top corner: she is also photographing her massive plate of French-Canadiana.


Anonymous said...

Now, I love fries with gravy, even though I haven't eaten them for years. But, the cheese curd part turned my stomach a bit. Plus, that is A LOT of fries, cheese curd, and gravy! Blerg. It was admirable of you to eat the local delicacy though!


Anonymous said...

I could feel my cholesterol rising as I looked at the "Poutine." However, I have enjoyed gravy and fries in my past. ( not cheese curd)

Ynn said...

Tom Buggey always insisted that it was French fries and gravy that gave all the Newfoundland girls such big books. Frank and I told him that we didn't think so, that many people here ate fries with gravy. Now, I discover there was a missing ingredient that Tom hadn't mentioned - cheese curds! I'll bet it was the cheese curds that were responsible for that anatomical enlargement!

Ynn said...

That was supposed to be "boobs", "such big boobs"-not books! See the librarian always come out.

Mum said...

This summer you ate french fries with mounds of mayonnaise in Amsterdam and now it is Canadian fries with cheese curds covered in gravy. Ugh! I don't think I could eat them either way.