Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Make Hye-Sung Go to a Concert with Me

On Saturday I made Hye-Sung go to a concert with me.  Actually, I had been aware of this concert since early September, and thinking at that time that the As-Yet-Unknown-Hye-Sung might also like to attend, delayed a ticket purchase until early October.  The musician in question was Feist, and I really wanted to go to the concert.  What could be more appropriate than Canadian musician playing at the National Art Center in Ottawa?  Perhaps the Barenaked Ladies playing in the same venue... They're playing in December, and I think I might go - when in Canada, do as the Canucks.  Except the milk in bags.  That's just weird.

Anyway, asking Hye-Sung about going to the concert went something like this:

Me:  Hey Hye-Sung, do you want to go to a concert?

Hye-Sung:  What?

Me: October 25th, Feist in playing in Ottawa.  Want to go?

Hye-Sung: Hmmm...  (tips her head to one side, I realize she has no idea what musician I'm talking about)  Twenty-five October?  Okay!  Good good good!

Me: Great! 

Hye-Sung often repeats a word or simple phrase three times.  It's her style.

So I kind of made her go with me...  I did burn a CD and gave it to her, saying, "This is who we're going to see."  Happily, she really liked the music.  And the concert was spectacular. 

(This video is not from the Ottawa performance.  It's whatever the interwebs had to share.)


Anonymous said...

Oh, Jessica, I really like Feist. Kelly's influence. I have the song 1234, on my ipod. That's awesome that you got to see the concert. Music is the universal language, so I imagine that Hye-Sung enjoyed it as well.

Ynn said...

I shall make it a point to find out about this musician. I must admit to ignorance and tell you "Never heard of him or them or whatever." Glad it was awesome. I'd go see Barenaked Ladies, too.

DPLK said...

Yay Feist! Her MTVs are quite weird tho...often involving flying and weird music and sometimes drawings on the wall depicting events occurring...but her music is good...

Another artist we recently got into was Cat Powers, who I think is an older musician, but her songs are pretty interesting, ethereal as well.

Guess what! the baldy got his color-of-grass card signifying the next step in acquiring American-ness!! It hasn't come in the mail yet but when he found out, almost the first words out of his mouth was "yay, we can now go to canada!" So maybe one of these days...