Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First Snow

Yesterday night Ottawa got the first snow of the winter season.  Even though Halloween has not yet arrived.

No measly dusting of snow: This. Is. Canada.  The season's first snow is measured in inches.  Not as many inches at in Brockway, but this snow isn't Brockway's first.

Frozen ice drips on the awesome windows of the RCL prints/drawings/photographs lab.


Michael said...

It snowed in Pittsburgh today too, but not nearly so much. It didn't stick at all.

Mum said...

You say that's snow? I'll show you snow. Where I teach "the hardy and the dumb" drive to work no matter the amount of snow because we never cancel school. Surprise! Surprise! We had a snow day! A localized band of snow showers dropped about 12 inches of wet snow over night and early this morning. I so deserved the day away from school. Did I tell you it's been a rough week?

Ynn said...

We hardy Brockway people had school yesterday. The bulk of our snow came between 7 and 11 AM. It was beautiful. I had all the lights off in the library when 6th grade came in and we sat in total silence (yes, true!) for 5 minutes and just watched the snowfall. I love the library on days like that-it feels so cozy and snug. The kids and I had a great day.

Anonymous said...

It is not snowing today! We have abundant sunshine (as the weather channel put it) and all has returned to normal in the hinterlands.