Saturday, October 25, 2008

In Which the Babies' Hats are Finished Just in Time!

I am moderately notorious for waiting until the last possible minute to complete baby hats.  Though I was not sure it would be possible, the hats for Alpha & Omega (now known as Colin & Gillian) were completed before they even turned a day old!  Not too bad.

The little fruit-tart hats are currently being blocked on some baby-head-sized balloons.  The balloons did not come with Happy Sleeping Baby Faces (TM).  I added those.  Because sometimes I am a genius.

As per AIC guidelines for documentation, the colorchecker has been included.  They're not intended to be "girl is pink and boy is blue" hats; they're "somebody is a raspberry tart and somebody is a blueberry tart" because those are the best kind of tarts  (see The Best Part of Paris).  Bobble-icious!


Anonymous said...

Jessica, the baby hats are just adorable! I love the pattern and the bright colors. Colin and Gillian will certainly be snugly and warm. I also like the way you displayed them on the "balloon heads". Very clever.

Mum said...

Oh My Gosh! How adorable! Colin and Gillian will look even more precious in their respective tart hats. I laughed so hard when I saw them on the clever "Happy Sleeping Baby Balloon Heads" with the official color gauge positioned nearby.

Michael said...

Those hats are awesome. As are the Happy Sleeping Baby Faces(tm). You could probably market those in Japan as "Super-Happy Sleeping Baby Faces(tm)". But, truely, the hats are awesome.

Ynn said...

The hats are adorable. You had told me about the tart hats and I tried to picture them but these are even better than my wild imaginings. Colin and Gillian are going to be so adorable in those! Oh, Jess,. they are so adorable right now! I wish you could be here to hold them. Even D is charmed. He and Mercedes traded back and forth this afternoon. BTW, I agree about the "Happy Sleeping Baby Balloon Heads"-too cute!

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed by both the knitting skills and thorough documentation. Reading this post made me realize how much I miss you and also that i desperately want to come see BNL with you in December.