Monday, October 20, 2008

Library and Archives Canada

Last Friday Hye-Sung and I went to the Gatineau Preservation Center of the Library and Archives Canada.  The Preservation Center is gigantic, and only houses a portion of the collection of the Library and Archives Canada.  Conservation of books, paper, and photographs is on the to floor, as are the film archiving, processing, and reformatting staff.

This is the Preservation Center.  Or at least the part of it that fit in the camera frame.

The foyer.

Conservation: paper conservation in the foreground and photograph conservation in the background.

Compactor storage.  Our hosts are pictured, with the pink scarf is Tania the photograph conservator and in the blue jacket is Janet the collections manager.

The place is so big that there are street signs.  The hallways have names.  This was the most straight forward sign in the building.

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