Saturday, November 15, 2008

Why the Silence?

You may be asking yourselves, "Why no sharing?  Is nothing going on up there in Canada?  Has Canadian winter set in and become so cold that the electrons have slowed down so much that the Awesome Mac Laptop can't get any juice?"  No - I've just been busy at the museum and catching up via the interwebs with the Daily Show/Colbert Report.  I'm completely up to date now, so life can move along. 

I also cooked polenta: it was instant polenta and I only had to stir for two minutes so don't be too impressed.  I took this Polaroid of it, and while it looks pretty awful, it was actually awesome.  Almost as awesome as the Italian grocery a few blocks from the NGC.

Why did I take a Polaroid of it?

That's weird.

Not really.

I had an Idea that seemed like a a cross between an art project, a journal, and a recipe book.  It starts with the basic principle of always having the Polaroid One600 Instant Camera around (as opposed to the Polaroid Peel-Apart Camera).  Life being what it is, every now and then I cook something awesome.  The Idea involves snapping a Polaroid of whatever was awesome, noting the recipe down into a blank book, and then attaching the Polaroid of the item below/next to the text.  An important part of this project is to take a non-repulsive Polaroid of whatever I cooked, a goal that can be achieved more easily when being able to properly focus the camera.  Here's to wishing that the Polaroid One600 had a manual focus: a Polaroid SX70 it is not.

I've also been knitting.  Usually sitting on my bed listening to Canadian Public Radio with a hot water bottle sitting on the tops of my feet.  I really need to work on my circulation - another thing to add to the 'Stop Whining and Be The Change' list.  (Perhaps all Americans should have a 'Stop Whining and Be The Change' list.  I think it's a grand idea.)

Anyway, I made this awesome hat in preparation for the no-doubt terrible and soon-to-arrive Canadian winter.

I also made a sort-of-mod green dress.  Which can also be worn over pants, which is what I did on Friday.  This picture doesn't really do it justice, but I like it, and since I am the ruler of this little prose universe, it gets to stay.  It's polyester, which doesn't breath, a factor that I considered would be advantageous for me and my poor circulation in cold Canada.

I got this pattern a while ago because I liked the sleeve options.  The pattern I used most was the blah-yellow colored top left drawing.  Good sleeves, but I though the darts sucked, so I totally changed it, making the front out of two pieces, putting little darts in and totally nixing the darts (which sucked, trust me).  And making a sash like in the bottom right drawing.

You can see the bodice-alteration a little better here, and the little darts.  And the sash and the awesome sleeves.  The sleeves are even better in real life.  I'm still debating as to whether I should keep the hem where it is or make it a little longer.


Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, I have never prepared or eaten polenta. It must be a regional favorite in Italy and our ancestors were from the non-polenta area. I'll have to do some research on that. Anyway,your polenta dish looked delicious. Your cookbook idea book with photo sounds like a good one. Love the style of the dress and the color green.

Ynn said...

No one here like polenta. I tried it a couple of times and neither Frank nor the boys enjoyed it. Frank gave me the "If you never make that again, that will be OK with me" comment. But yours looks yummy-filling, hot and hearty for that cold Canadian weather. Love the dress, although your mom keeps telling me that you are into only natural fabrics, which , unless I can think of a plant or animal that produces it, polyester is not. However, it's cute and you look adorable as always.

Mum said...

Boy, have you been busy cooking, knitting, and sewing in your little flat up north. They look yummy, warm and stylish in that order.