Sunday, November 2, 2008

Those Canucks Pull Another Fast One on Us

So during the 2000 election, when George W. Bush was merely a former president's son with presidential ambitions, as opposed to the malprop-laden leader of the free world, some smarty-pants Canadians tricked him into thinking that the current Prime Minister of Canada was a guy named Jean Poutine.  As we all know, poutine is a gravy and cheese-curd covered mound of French fries (see Poutine).

Everyone's favorite Alaskan Governor was recently schnuckered by a Quebecois comedy duo - the Masked Avengers.  The Masked Ones somehow managed to get through to Sarah Palin, posing as the current French President Nicolas Sarkozy.  They craftily used their Quebecois French accents to add to the verisimilitude.  

Favorite Faux-French President quote: 'Yes, you know we have a lot in common also, because except from my house I can see Belgium.  That's kind of less interesting than you.'

And also, because I'm good like that, the Historic Poutine Footage.


Ynn said...

I heard the story of Sarah's phone call from the "French President" on NPR. They played a tape of a portion of it. Do you think she had a glimmer of what was going on and just played along or is she really that stupid? Personally, I vote for the second choice there although your father thinks she is amazing and very intelligent!!! On the American side of it, I'm just very happy that the election is tomorrow. I had 8 campaign calls on my answering machine when I got home from school and 3 more when Frank and I got home from a 2-hour trip to DuBois. I don't think I could take much more campaigning!

mamamia4859 said...

I agree with Lynn, I vote for "she is really that stupid!" After her now infamous interview with Katie Couric, I do believe that she fell for the pranksters.
I am so glad to be voting tomorrow and openly admit my support for Barack Obama. I will be glad when this is all over with.