Friday, November 7, 2008

Absolutely Infuriating

An old high school classmate posted a note of Facebook, calling for unity after the results of Tuesday's election.  Commentary was friendly and quite decidedly pro-McCain and Palin.  I decided to add a comment, more centrist and apolitical, topical in that it would be about unity.  Unity and the fact that I think we, as a nation, should back whoever is elected, because that is what we do, as Americans, and that Obama's call for change can be embraced by everyone, no matter the politics.  I vetted it by M.D. before posting, and he felt that it was peaceful and appropriate and hopeful.

Any way, this comment was taken completely the opposite of what I intended.  And the childish and obnoxious responses it generated have reminded me why there are only a few people from high school I wish to be in contact with.  Ever.

And I am correspondingly furious.  But, like all things, it will pass.  I am being the change.

The comment in question:
I concur with D-(other high school classmate).  McCain's speech was gracefully done and exactly what his supporters needed to hear.  

What I cannot condone are the people who refuse to support Obama - such as those who chose to interrupt McCain's speech - very discourteously too.  It is childish behavior to sulk and whine and make disparaging comments because one does not always get what one wants.  Though disappointed, a Real American will support the person elected, because that is what we do and the power of our democracy.

What makes Obama great is his ability to galvanize people.  Just think how many people have been moved to action during this election, Democratic or Republican!  just think of the great things we can accomplish if we approach our problems with passion and dedication!  

Be the change you wish to see in this world.
We, and I mean all of us Americans, can. 

I guess Gandhi and his non-violent ways just can't get any respect.


Lea said...

Oh Jessie Bean, that's why there is a rule to not talk about politics or religion with friends!! Sorry your comment was taken wrongly; I think it was a lovely sentiment, but sometimes when people's feelings are hurt, like McCain supporters are bound to be right now, it doesn't matter how tactful we try to be. Plus, it takes a life time to recover from high school!!!

DPLK said...

I think the first line on the third paragraph, if left out, would have made the message more palatable for the sulking mccain supporters...because I think the galvanizing on the right side was also due to Palin's effect, so it can't all be credited to obama, I think. And that one line and the "yes we can" very clearly identified you as being partisan, even if you did not intend to appear so, and the peaceful message was lost in the activation of the democrat-radar.

Jessica said...

True that. Trust me and my English-class skillz to trip the anger radar.

Ynn said...

Sweetie, your Mom told me about this when we went shopping today. I think your comment was graceful and well thought out. But, you know what Brockway is like. For some kids, they never really do leave Brockway behind and retain, even through college, many of the close-minded, intolerant attitudes that were so bothersome during high school. Be the change.

Anonymous said...

I just returned from a weekend in "the Cleve" visiting Kelly. She reminds me so much of you. She was quite disgusted reading comments of her high school friends on Facebook concerning there disappointment and outrage over the recent election.
I thought your words were eloquent and hopeful and if people choose to take offense, then I guess it is their problem. You have my vote.